EHI provides a forum, a home, for those mental health professionals, scholars, and students who seek in-depth training in existential-humanistic theory and practice. EHI is for trainees who believe that in optimal psychotherapy, as Rollo May said, it is not this or that symptom, but "the life of the client" that is "at stake" — and that it is precisely this life that must be supported, accompanied and encountered.

EHI Conference - Fall 2016

flyer for EHI 9th Annual Conference on November 12, 2016The EHI 9th Annual Conference, ‘Always Going Home’: Human Evolution and Digital Revolution will take place Nov 12, 2016 in San Francisco.

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EHI Receives Charlotte and Karl Bühler Award

DIV32 logo as EHI receives Charlotte and Karl Buhler Award

EHI is honored to be the recent recipient with EHI's Dr. Nader Shabahangi of The Charlotte and Karl Bühler Award. This award is given by Division 32 of the APA to an institution, and an individual associated with an institution, that has made an outstanding and lasting contribution to humanistic psychology.



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The Lived Encounter - Student Testimonial
by Lisa Vallejos

"I have just walked out of the most transformative three days of my life. I find myself grappling to find the words to capture the beauty and power of this encounter without diluting the essence..."

New Existentialists, Saybrook University

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